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About the

Missing Link Snowmobile Club

The Carthage Snowmobile Club was first established by 9 local residences on May 16th, 1970. These 9 directors were:

Brian Brennon

Claude Lamantia

Donald Holmes

Robert Camidge

Gilles Langevin

David Cronk

Burlan Trim

William Gardner

Elmer Congdon


The purpose of which this club was formed was to:



Promote and encourage interest in snowmobile ownership and operation for the benefit of members of the club.


Provide and sanction races and other sporting events for benefit of the members of the club in the operation and use of snowmobiles.


Purchase, lease or otherwise acquire for their own use and operation real and personal property, including snowmobiles, trailers and vehicles of any kind as may be incidental to the use and operation of land acquired for snowmobile use, and for such other real or personal property or other facilities for use by its members.


Those were the words that were printed on the incorporation papers on May 16th, 1970.



On January, 1996 the Village of Carthage as well as many community members began discussion on re-establishing a snowmobile club. It was decided on March 1996 to begin a snowmobile club. The club would maintain the original incorporation papers under the "Carthage Snowmobile Club" but would be doing business as "The Missing Link Snowmobile Club". The clubs main purpose would be to:



Stimulate and advance the general welfare and safety of snowmobiling.


Have designated trails open for the general public to use.


Serve the interests of snowmobile owners.


Defend such owners against discriminatory legislation, regulations and burdensome taxation.


Develop a fraternal spirit among local snowmobile and other winter sport enthusiasts.


Provide a medium for the exchange of snowmobiling information.


Own or lease property for club use.


Perform all desirable and lawful functions for the successful operation of the club and in general public interest.


The club began for the 96-97 snowmobile season with 13 directors who were:


Scott Randolph-President

Mark Miller

Jerry Caughlin

John Storms-Vice President

Steve Gamble

Mark Keddy

Richard Lajoie- Secretary

Bob Fetterly

Berlin Trim

Claude Lamantia-Treasurer

Mike Johnson

Robert Johnson


Reg Farney







They had approximately 100 active members with 32 miles of trails. These trails would be the "Missing Link" between "Tug Hill" and the "Adirondacks. These trails begin their journey in Copenhagen, New York and pass through Carthage and venture towards Harrisville. The Missing Link trail system is a connection between Barnes Corners Snow Pals and the Long Pond Snowmobile Club.


As of 1999-2000, the "MLSC" has over 200 active members with approximately 48 miles of trails that connect 3 clubs including the "Snow Valley Travelers, Barnes Corner Snow Pals and The Long Pond Snowmobile Club.


The Current directors are constantly seeking improvement to continue to provide an excellent sport for winter enthusiast.